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How to teach your dog tricks

teaching your dog tricks golden retriever giving owner high five

Sure, dogs are cute. Training your dog to do tricks is an essential to your dog’s development. Training can help strengthen your bond with your dog immensely. Apart from that, this will also significantly contribute to integrating your dog within your family.   

Teaching your dog to do tricks will help it build skills that are otherwise used in dog sports, and dog therapy work. In this article, I will be guiding you through the ways behind teaching your dog tricks, as well as some cool stuff that you can make your dog do. So keep reading to find out more!  

Things to Keep in Mind  

Here are a few training rules that you ought to bear in mind before you set out to teach your dog how to do tricks:  

  • Quiet Surroundings

 Training your dog in a quiet environment free of all kinds of distractions will be a significant advantage. While doing so, your dog will give its full attention to you and the training, thereby making the learning process easier.    Once your dog starts picking up a trick, you can shift its surroundings to more distracting locations to ensure that they’ve learnt it.   

  • Go Easy on Your Pet

Instead of bombarding your dog with complex tricks, start with simple commands like “stay”, “sit”, “fetch”, “down”, and “come”. Once your dog has mastered these, you can link these commands together to develop more advanced tricks and work your way up.    Make sure you train your puppy right when they come home rather than waiting because young puppies are always very eager to learn. The younger your dog is, the easier it is to teach it tricks and the faster it learns. Incorporating a training session into your dog’s routine is important, read about the benefits here.

  • Keep Your Training Sessions Short 

Short training sessions at regular intervals have a lasting impact compared to long, drudging sessions. Even training your dog for five minutes a few times a day can make a big difference. Also, brownie points if you give treats to your dog as soon as it masters a trick. Dogs have a huge tendency to grasp things faster if you reward them for doing it.   

  • Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog  

 Here’s a list of cool tricks that you can teach your dog:   

  1. Give a Kiss 
  1. Speak 
  1. Back Up 
  1. Spin in a Circle 
  1. Shake Hands/ High-Five 
  1. Roll Over  
  1. Hop 
  1. Crawl Through a Tunnel 


A well-trained dog can make one of the best companions ever. You can find many ways to play with it if you’re confident about teaching it tricks. Teaching your dog how to perform tricks is an excellent way for you to establish a regulated channel of communication between the two of you. It will help improve your dog’s mental cognitive responses .    It will also help your dog bond better with its owner, as well as socialise with other dogs without any hesitation. They can even interact with strangers without creating a ruckus, as we all know how cute and attractive friendly dogs are. I hope this article has helped you clear your confusion about training your dog to do different tricks. There are many tricks you could teach your dog, and it all depends on your consistency and quality of training.  




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